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“1018mb gotten the films beyond our time to the halls again so we can sit with a big tub of popcorn, and enjoy the evergreen cinema again. Not just this, they also organise documentary screenings, short films and more – basically they cater to the world of cinema in whatever way possible.”

Little Black Book

“1018mb is changing Film Distribution: ”

The Outlook

“1018mb ties up for the release of Assamese low-budget film Local Kung Fu 2 in Maharashtra, Karnataka, New Delhi and Bengal

Telegraph India

“1018mb looks like a game changer in the world of cinema and the way film distribution is done in India”


“Driven by social media and smartphones, new screening-on-demand models offer a middle ground between watching a film in a regular cinema hall and at a film club. It personalizes the movie-going experience and makes the film club exclusivity of watching something special with people with shared interests, ticketed and public.”