1018mb Releases

At 1018MB, we stand as the ultimate solution for niche films seeking a seamless theatrical releases. As your comprehensive release partner, we guide every step of the way – from pinpointing the ideal cinemas for your unique content to formulating effective marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience. Our active involvement extends through the film release, providing unparalleled support that ensures your vision reaches its intended audience, sparking conversations and making an impact within your niche market.

1200+ Screens

Cinema Partnerships

Through our strategic alliance with both multiplexes and standalone cinemas, we have unlocked a remarkable opportunity that extends across a network of over 1200 screens. This expansive reach places us at the forefront of the entertainment industry, allowing us to connect with audiences on a scale that is both impressive and impactful

Data Advantage

Transforming the Art of Movie Releases

Our data analytical platform revolutionizes movie release strategies. In an audience-driven industry, it offers a competitive edge with actionable insights from our vast screen network. This data helps us choose release dates, demographics, and marketing tactics smartly. With a deep grasp of audience behavior and trends, we optimize decision-making, enhancing our release process.

A Flourishing Community

50,000+ Strong and Growing

Our success story extends beyond the silver screen, encompassing a vibrant community of 50,000+ individuals who share a passion for cinema and storytelling. This diverse and engaged userbase forms the cornerstone of our journey, providing us with invaluable feedback, unwavering support, and a platform for meaningful interactions.